KATO Clinical can provide the following services:

• Comprehensive services for your clinical trials

• Storage and distribution of materials, including controlled substances at 2-8 ° C and 15-25 ° C

• Packaging, labeling and storage of preparations in accordance with EU and FDA requirements (cGMP, GCP)

• Qualified Person (QP) Release of materials for clinical trials in Europe, USA and Japan

• Acknowledgement of returns and destruction of materials

• Purchase or rental of medical equipment, electronics, appliances, etc.

• Professional, mulitilingual service by qualified personnel

• Strict supervision of stock

• Special land and air transport – safe shipment of dangerous materials (radioactive), human organs, patients

• Monitoring the status of shipments via the Internet


Your satisfaction is our priority

• Documentation for the entire shipping process

• Transportation that is monitored by electronic temperature loggers

• Precise record keeping of product temperature during transport by drivers

• Secure delivery of materials including the insurance of all shipments

• KATO drivers and airplane pilots deliver throughout Poland and the world

• Delivery 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

• International shipments can be sent by selected couriers

• We can always help in emergency situations

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KATO Clinical Certificate of GMP

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KATO Clinical Manufacturer License

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KATO Clinical Import License

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KATO Clinical Trial Relabeling Permit

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KATO Clinical Trial Psychotropic Permit

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